How To Build A Deck Without Digging Holes? Step By Step Guide

Introducing a deck to your lawn is a great way to enhance your lawn’s overall look and value. However, it is impossible to install a deck after digging holes in some lawns due to unfavorable soil and weather conditions. In such situations, one might wonder how to build a deck without digging holes?

Building a deck without digging holes is ideal for places with heavy rainfall/snowfall or uneven ground level, etc. You can easily assemble a deck without digging holes using two different yet simple ways. These include building a deck mounted on deck post anchors and deck blocks.

So, now that you know it is possible to build a deck without having to dig holes, let’s explore the two methods to install a deck without digging holes in the lawn. I’ll also cover some other important topics regarding the subject, so make sure to hang around.

Is It Possible To Build A Deck Without Digging Holes?

For a long time, the only possible way to install a deck on your lawn was by digging holes and placing footings in the ground. But this method is costly, and that digging can be highly time-consuming.

Is it Possible to Build a Deck Without Digging Holes

On the other hand, if you use deck blocks or post anchors, you can easily set up your lawn in 1-1.5 weeks. Moreover, these methods are less costly and are quite trending these days.

Deck blocks are thick concrete blocks specially designed to sit above the ground. These deck blocks lessen the constructer’s overall work by destroying the need for digging holes and then placing deck blocks in the ground. Moreover, deck blocks are very budget-friendly and usually retail for less than $10.

Another way to build a deck without digging holes in the ground is by using post anchors. Post anchors are brackets with attached teeth. These teeth are inserted into the ground for a firm grip. After that, the upper part of the post anchor is connected to the post and attached to the lower part of the post anchor.

Post anchors and deck blocks are great for scenarios where you don’t want to/can’t dig holes in the ground. These materials also increase the height of the deck from the ground and ensure the post is not being exposed to water, resulting in an increased life span of the deck.

2 Easy Ways To Build A Deck Without Digging Holes

If you live in a place with constant rainfalls or want to replace the cemented patio on your lawn with a deck, you can adopt one of these two simple methods to build a deck without digging any holes.

Building A Deck Without Digging Holes With The Help Of Post Anchors

Post anchors are stainless steel brackets consisting of two main parts, i.e., the upper part attached to the deck and the bottom part with flanges attached to the bottom.

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How To Use Post Anchors?

Using post anchors is extremely simple. You can follow these steps to build a deck using post anchors:

  1. First of all, attach the bottom of the 4-by-4 or 6-by-6 post to the mouth of the anchor.
  2. Next, place the base plates on the ground where the posts will stand. Here you have to measure the distance and placement of the base plates carefully to ensure the posts stand in a perfect space.
  3. Next, fix the bottom of the post anchor to the base plate and secure it in place with a jackhammer.
  4. Attach the brackets fixed to the bottom of the posts to the lower part of the anchor attached to the concrete base plate.
  5. After that, pour in some more concrete covering the base plate and the anchor to ensure the posts are stable.
  6. Once the concrete has dried, you can continue building the rest of the post’s same way.
  7. Lastly, when you are done with securing the posts in the ground, you can place the deck’s roof on top, and you are done.

Building A Deck Without Digging Holes With The Help Of Deck Blocks

Deck Holes were the first hardware to be ever used for standing posts on top of the ground. These blocks are very affordable and are relatively simple to implant.

Building a Deck Without Digging Holes with the Help of Deck Blocks

However, these blocks are not suitable for setting up very high decks. The posts do not fit the blocks tightly, and there’s an increased risk of the post getting knocked over, resulting in the deck collapsing.

How To Use Deck Blocks?

  1. Layout the deck blocks at a distance at which the posts will stand. Make sure not to leave more than 4-5 inches of space between each block in a row.

How to use deck blocks

  1. Next, with the help of a scale, ensure all the blocks are standing at the same height and distance.
  2. Afterward, layer the ground with landscape paper before placing the deck blocks in place.
  3. After that, use paver base beneath each row of blocks. However, make sure to press it in place using a shovel to keep it from moving.
  4. After layering the paver base, again check the level of each row to ensure all the rows are of the same height.
  5. Place the deck blocks first in the out-sides and then move into the inner rows of beams, continuously checking if the joists are level.
  6. Secure the joists in place with the help of sturdy screws. Again, make sure to keep checking the level throughout the process.
  7. Lastly, install the deck boards in place, and your deck is ready.

Tip: To keep the deck from moving during storms, you can install a shed anchor into the ground and mount it to the beams before installing deck boards to reduce the risks of the deck uplifting.

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Installing decks after digging holes in the ground might seem tiresome and pricey to most people. However, the two methods discussed above for installing a deck post without digging holes require minimal effort and money. However, you need to follow the building instructions carefully to ensure your deck lasts for a long time and doesn’t fall apart due to storms. Or else the deck might collapse and break.

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