Deck Vs Pavers: Differences, Costs, Pros And Cons

Expanding your outdoor space is something you wouldn’t’ overlook or ignore as it provides many long-term benefits. If you have already made up your mind about creating an open-air spot but are stuck in the step of choosing either a deck or pavers, I am here to help you out!

A deck is an elevated structure usually made from wood or composite, and it can be single or multi-level. Pavers are installed on ground level using stone, cement, or brick. Decks are expensive, need annual maintenance, and have a quicker installation span. Pavers are cost-effective plus have lower upkeep but do not add much value to the house.

Despite having multiple advantages, it can be tricky to decide on the perfect design and structure for your open-air space. This article outlines the pros and cons of decks and pavers, so you can get to know the best match for addition to your courtyard.

What Makes A Deck Different From Pavers?

Installing a deck or pavers in your home can be an excellent addition to outdoor living. It allows you to have a spacious area to eat, relax, and plan different events. However, as a homeowner, it can get confusing to choose one final option because, on the surface level, both deck and pavers seem closely alike.

What Makes A Deck Different From Pavers?

There are, in fact, a few key differences between them in terms of material, design scope, installation, durability, and overall costs. A deck is a raised structure mainly composed of wood or composite product. Whereas pavers are constructed on ground level using stone, brick, tile, or cement.

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Apart from this, another essential difference that makes decks distinct from pavers is how both these options will affect the look of your property. Thus, you need to be careful while picking one of the two and analyze which fulfills your intended goals.

Pros And Cons Of Decks And Pavers:

I have listed down the advantages and disadvantages of decking VS paving so you can figure out the best choice for your home.

Pros And Cons Of Decks And Pavers

1. Installation Process:

Generally, decks are easier to build, and their installation process is faster. It is due to their elevation from the ground, which means you can easily install them on sloppy or non-uniform surfaces. In addition, they also are a good option for adding balcony space to a room situated on the second floor of the home since it requires lesser construction.

On the flipside, paving gets done at ground level, and you need to prepare a flat area for its installation. Uneven surfaces might delay the construction process. But if you are starting with an even ground, paving could be a less expensive and quicker installation alternative.

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2. Maintenance:

If you are searching for a low-maintenance option, pavers are perfect for your home. Once you build them, they require minimal upkeep and care, excluding the occasional hose cleanup or replacing a damaged paver. Contrary to this, wooden decks demand a lot of maintenance, such as regular cleaning, staining, and replacements of broken or rotten deck boards.

If you opt for composite deck materials, it will significantly reduce the need for long-term upkeep. But they are a lot more expensive compared to wooden deck boards.

3. Longevity:

The lifespan of a wooden deck is less than pavers, especially if you do not look after it well. Regular maintenance can help expand its life, but it takes time and money. Paving constructed with concrete or natural stone is much more durable and long-lasting without the restriction of regular upkeep.

4. Design And Style:

Before you go for either a deck or pavers, you need to consider which one will look more balanced and appropriate with the rest of the building. Paving can be a better choice if you want something that can blend flawlessly with other elements you want to add to the space, such as a fire pit, grill, etc.

Design and style Of Decking And Paving

On the other hand, if you want more warmth and character in your outdoor space, decks are the ultimate choice for you. The appearance of natural wood can give visible attractiveness to the home, which many people admire.

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5. Return On Investment:

The addition of decks can dramatically increase the percentage of return on your initial investment. It is a leading reason why many homeowners prefer them over other outdoor options. Thus, if you also want to uplift the resale value of your home, over the longer run, decks might work in your favor. However, paving proves to be more cost-effective as it has minimal maintenance requirements. And, it allows you to save all the extra money you’ll otherwise spend on keeping it in a good state.

Cost Estimate Of Decking And Paving:

A wooden deck is expensive to construct, especially if you opt for premium material like cedar or composite for your outdoor space. Although decks add immense value to your home, you will have to spend a considerable amount on their maintenance, sealing, and staining annually to prevent them from degradation.

Cost Estimate Of Decking And Paving

Pavers are a more affordable and budget-friendly pick because of their initial costs plus future upkeep costs. Besides, pavers often do not require building permits, unlike decks which further reduce the overall expenses. However, they fail to enhance the home’s appraisal value, so it can leave an impact if you plan to sell your property one day.

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Whether you go for a deck or pavers, they both can prove great for expanding the use of your outdoor space and adding an element of enjoyment and fun. But before making the final choice, it will require you to weigh the pros and cons of both. You’ll need to see which one merges better with your home, fulfills the goals, and remains in your budget. Once you come up with a vision in mind, it would be easier to pick the materials, design the space and make it fully customized as per your liking.


Are Pavers Cheaper Than Decking?

Pavers are less expensive than decks, and the costs can vary depending on the material you choose for the purpose. Concrete pavers, on average, costs about $4 to $12 per square foot (before installation price), and natural stones can go as high as $30 per square foot.

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Can You Use Pavers On A Deck?

Technically, it is possible to lay pavers on an existing deck. But there is a lot of labor and planning involved in this process. Furthermore, you might have to do a few extra steps to strengthen the deck. However, once everything gets completed, you will have a new paver construction that can last for many upcoming years.

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