How To Protect Your Deck From The Weather?

If you are an owner of a deck, keeping it in its best condition might be one of your main focuses. The biggest hurdle you can face in this regard is natural elements such as sun, rain, and snowfall. You might have no control over the changing weather, but you can instead protect your favorite outdoor space.

If you are curious to know how to protect your deck from weather damage, you have landed at the right place.  

You can protect your deck from the weather by cleaning it up regularly to remove all the dirt and residue. Ensure to keep it well-maintained and discard the molds and mildews that might form. Sealing the deck will help to prevent cracks, splits, and discoloration. If you find popped-up nails, fix them in place or replace them.

No matter what material you use for the deck, you can easily maintain it. There are a variety of ways by which you can accomplish this goal. Let’s begin to read!

Weather Damage To The Deck; Can You Prevent It?

Everyone enjoys spending some quality time on their outdoor decks, especially when the weather is nice. You can plan small gatherings and dinners or sit and relax on your deck throughout different seasons of the year. But, every season brings in a lot of challenges when it comes to the maintenance and longevity of the deck.


Whether constant exposure to the sun in summers or heavy snowfalls in winter, they can cause significant damage to your deck if you do not look after it properly. Both natural wood and composite decks require regular upkeep and care to protect them from the adverse effects of the changing weather.

If you act with carelessness in this regard, your deck would deteriorate with time and look shabby and worn out just after one season. However, you can easily prevent all the weather damage by giving it regular attention, also cutting down all the costly repairs.

Five Effective Ways To Protect Your Deck From The Weather:

It’s the right time to start providing your deck with all the care and maintenance it deserves. Let’s quickly jump into the six different ways to protect it from weather damage. Are you ready?

Five Effective Ways To Protect Your Deck From The Weather

Inspect Your Deck:

It might not sound like a big deal, but inspecting your deck whenever you get time can work in your favor. Over time, the sun’s rays can prove harmful to the deck boards as it has no overhead protection. It might lead to discoloration, making the deck look old and withered. Similarly, the deck boards may crack or warp, and dirt accumulates on the surface, leaving stubborn stains.

All these things happen gradually with time, not in a day. When you observe your outdoor space thoroughly once in a while, you will be able to notice the signs of insect activity, unwanted growths, splitting, dirt, and pollution. Thus, you can get to know about the damage earlier and perform all the precautionary steps needed before it is too late.

Clean The Deck Regularly:

As our decks are situated outdoors, it is easy to forget and neglect the cleaning it might require. It can cause many problems as some dirt and debris leave stains that are hard to remove if you do not clean them on time. For instance, many people use decks for cooking meals and grillings that can result in spillage. Hence, it is necessary to clean up after eating as the stains might not go away if you do it later.

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Food scraps and other items can also attract animals, so make sure you don’t leave anything for too long. You can use pressure washers with cleaning products to lift all the dirt buildup and remove loose wood particles.

Keep The Deck Well-Maintained:

One of the main steps to keep your deck long-lasting is maintaining it regularly and getting rid of the potential problems. Never allow dirt, wet leaves, and other materials to accumulate on the deck surface as it can get slippery, and mold or mildew might form. Also, always keep the gaps between the deck’s floorboards free from unwanted buildup.

As your deck is vulnerable to scratches and gouges, it can get damaged through your pet’s nails and even high heels shoes. Thus, you must pay attention and take the necessary measures, such as trimming your pet’s nails and being more careful with sharp objects.

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Seal And Stain The Deck:

Your deck can deteriorate fast as it is frequently in contact with elements, like the sun and rain. As an outcome, it might crack or split and lose its former aesthetic appeal. One effective to protect it is by sealing and staining the deck with a product designed for this purpose. There are different kinds of high-quality stains available in the market that help your outdoor space withstand the damage that heavy rains and ultraviolet can cause. Additionally, they also protect the deck from moisture and fungus growth.

Seal and stain the deck

Fix Popped Up Nails:

With the changing weather conditions, your deck is prone to constant high and low temperatures. The freezing days of winter and extreme heat in summer put a lot of stress on the deck material, causing the boards to expand, shrink and shift. One of the most common indications of this movement is popped-up nails. You can fix these nails by pounding them down in their original spots. If it doesn’t help, you might have to replace them with new and longer nails or good-quality deck screws. It will ensure that your deck remains intact throughout the varying seasons.

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Final Thoughts:

Weather can negatively affect your deck, making it age faster and leaving it with a rough, shabby appearance. When you spend so much time, effort, and money to build your outdoor space, you need to take care of it afterward to maintain it in a good state. All you require is to give your deck thorough cleaning, sealing, and staining so that it doesn’t lose its former glory.

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