Can You Put A Gas Fire Pit On A Deck? Best Method Revealed!

Fire pits are a perfect place to relax on a chilly evening and there are not many moments greater than gathering with your loved ones around a roaring fire on your lawn. However, if your deck is the only space that is available, you might be asking whether you can put a gas fire pit on a deck.

You can put a gas fire pit on a deck, but it depends on the kind of fire pit you choose, where you put it, the laws in your area, and other criteria. Gas fire pits can be used safely on a deck as long as they are set back from the nearby structures, and a heat-resistant shield is utilized to protect the deck from any structural and aesthetic damage.

So it is vital to get knowledge about significant factors, protective measures, and recommendations for operating a gas fire pit on a deck in this blog. Let’s start by addressing some important queries and safety tips for using gas fire pits on decks.

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Can I Put A Gas Fire Pit On A Deck?

A gas fire pit can typically be used on a deck. To find out whether there are any fire pit regulations, you should check the building laws and any Homeowner association that impacts your home. They frequently specify a minimum separation between the home structure and the fire pit. They might also have regulations governing the height of the fire pit.

You should study the fire pit’s instructions to determine whether using it on wood is suitable before using it on your wooden deck. You might need to use a fire mat or another heat barrier to safeguard your deck if it can’t be set right on the wood.

Can I Put A Gas Fire Pit On A Deck

Safety Advice For Fire Pits On Decks

Location Of Your Fire Pit:

  • Don’t: Don’t put your fire pit right close to anything that could easily burst into flames. Although it might feel like ample distance, always check to make sure the fire is at least 10 feet away from anything volatile. Remember that the fire may spread even further in overcast conditions and pose a larger risk to your possessions and property.

Shielding Surface:

Do: To shield your deck from flames, coals, and ash, use a fire pit mat. To preserve the wood on your deck, cover all the way around your fire pit. These mats are available in a variety of materials, including granite and metal. Always utilize sturdy support for the fire pit.

Don’t: Never directly set up a fire pit on a wooden deck. Your deck may suffer severe damage from the temperature, flying sparks, and smoke, which also increases the risk of a hazardous explosion. You should not set a fire basin right on top of a fire pit mat.

Spark Detectors:

Do: Purchase a fire pit spark shield to add another layer of safety from flying flames. This will stop ashes from escaping and igniting nearby objects. To effortlessly regulate the wood and sparks in your outdoor fireplace, it is also a smart option to have a spade device on standby.


Don’t: Resist lighting your fire pit with an exposed fire. As previously stated, ashes and flames often fly, particularly in stormy situations, so make sure your fire is protected with the appropriate tools. 

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Climatic Conditions:

Do: It is best to use a fire pit on a wooden deck when the climate is peaceful. A light breeze is acceptable and does not stop your fire from approaching and catching things.

Don’t: Do not use your fire pit outside during the storm, especially if it is on a wooden deck. As a result, your deck, property, and other possessions are at stake. When it is breezy outside, fire can spread very quickly.

Further Layers:

Do: Before burning the fire pit, fill the bottom with a few layers of sand. This provides you with more safety and adds an element between the fire and your wooden deck.

Don’t: Do not ignite your fire without adding a second layer, even if your fire pit is on a riser and a mat covers your deck’s bottom. Furthermore, adding a layer like sand to the surface of your fire pit will improve its performance and reliability.

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Top Fire Pit Types For A Deck:

It is ideal to choose the best kinds of fire pits to utilize now that you are aware of the correct safety precautions to take when utilizing one on a deck.

Typically, fire pits made of metal or cast iron that is raised off the surface by solid supports are excellent choices. You are fine to go if you already have a fire pit that burns wood like this. Another excellent alternative that is simple to ignite is gas fire pits.


You may have a tension-free evening by the fire on your deck if you take the correct measures, adhere to this safety information, and then use the appropriate kind of fire pit, but an outdoor fire pit on a deck can be quite hazardous.

Don’t forget to pick a secure spot in your outdoor seating area, use a protected ground, buy a spark shield, add an extra layer at the bottom, and monitor the weather. In addition, watch the fire carefully throughout all times.

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What Thought To Go Under The Fire Pit?

Use a heat barrier with gas fire pits that can’t be put directly on flammable surfaces. In between the fire pit and the decking, there needs to be a heat screen that serves to protect from a collision. Many heat-reflecting products offered solely do so. They don’t act as shielding against heat transfer through the fire pit’s bottom, which is standing on the wooden deck.

Do Outdoor Fire Pits Deter Mosquitoes?

Smoke turns mosquitoes off. Because of the smoke, having a fire pit can help keep mosquitoes away. A gas or fire pit doesn’t produce much smoke and does not offer much assistance by itself. The best option for deterring critters is a fire pit that burns wood.

How Can I Guard My Deck Against A Fire Pit?

It is simple to defend a wood deck from a gas fire pit. If the fire pit is intended for usage directly on flammable surfaces, you might not need any shielding. You would need an insulating mat. This mat simply needs to be placed where it touches the deck, underneath the fire pit. A wood deck won’t be harmed by flames or ashes produced by gas fire pits.

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