About Us

Hi to my DIY family! I’m Aiden, and also known as a backyard designer who loves working on outdoor projects. I have a passion for exploring new things, and it made me discover some best secrets of the decking world. Thus, I speak through my experience to inspire other DIY fellows looking forward to creating their flawless yard, a place to cherish beautiful memories.

Here at deckdoyen.com, you are guided through steps instead of a bundle of just information. It’s your one-stop deck-building platform where you can confidently create your little slice of heaven.

Why Choose DeckDoyen

When it comes to outdoor construction projects, every minute detail matters, and being a DIY expert _ I feel my utmost responsibility to share my experience with you. So, you don’t ruin your yard by committing a minor error leading to a big disaster.

It is not just the blending of styles; how you build the deck also matters so it can last for many years. A well-built deck structure depends upon the products you use, the dos and don’ts in the construction process, the time duration, and many other factors that need your attention through proper understanding.

Remember, every particular deck style has its requirements, and I know exactly how to bring inner harmony between things and their style. You just don’t fit in the accessories; rather, appropriately measure the conditions of your environment, evaluate your design and get started with the right tools at perfect times!

So, if you have planned to build a deck but are unsure where to start, brace yourself up! You are about to unleash some wonderful tips and expert advice that I have compiled over years of experience and research.

Hopefully, I will be able to invoke your DIY capabilities to help you build a perfect backyard just with the right set of suggestions.

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I would love to hear from you and receive your feedback when you finish your Decking project! Also, for any queries, you can contact me here.